Dangerous passenger

When I flew from Brisbane to Tabubil on Sunday, I brought my knitting with me. I had decided that the 10 hours travel time might go a little faster if I was able to have two distractions rather than the usual one. It made sense to read, knit, read, knit rather than just read. So I packed my cabin baggage with the usual detritus: earphones (to drown out the noise of the Dash 8), ipad, book and added my knitting. I achieved a successful transition through the xray and dust machines at Brisbane Domestic Airport and again at the Cairns International Airport. In the departure lounge, I settled into a hard and stained airport seat and delved into my bag to reveal a 50gram ball of purple Cleckheaton Country 85% pure wool and a set of 80cm circular needles, I was quickly in position for a few hours of relaxing craft. Halfway along my first row, a small elderly lady stopped in front of me. “I didn’t know you could bring knitting needles on a plane! If I had known, I would have brought my own”! I told her that it simply had not occurred to me that knitting needles might be confiscated…but it appeared that they hadn’t been this time. “Just enjoy it, love”, she said, and moved on. As I watched her walk away, panic seized me and I couldn’t finish my row fast enough! I thrust my knitting into my bag as quickly as I could, having realised that any particularly observant customs employee on his way to the toilet might yet confiscate my precious work…



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