Too many possessions!

The work that awaits us here is phenomenal. Today, we conducted a walk around to identify a place to start which turned out to be no small task. We have lived a life of movement in which we have not stayed in one place for long. We calculated the other day that we have been together for almost 20 years and have moved 20 times in that period. Most of these moves were for work, which moved us within Australia as well as overseas to Singapore and Switzerland. Some have been our own doing within Australia and Italy. This lifestyle has meant that we sometimes had to put our possessions in storage while at other times we purchased another “set” of everything for various reasons (which seemed well thought out at the time)! On top of this, we have the possessions that came with the house in Italy which made it already a full house. On top of all this, we have been advised that our sea container is currently being cleared in Livorno which means that even more possessions will arrive shortly! Thus, i guess it is no surprise that we woke at 4am this morning…



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