The herbs are hanging

I spent all day in the herb garden removing wild spearmint which had taken over the garden to a point where I couldn’t see my beautiful sage, rosemary and thyme. I took the opportunity to cut back the herbs at the same time, gathering the cuttings into bunches that now hang inside over the kitchen window to dry during winter. We have found a lot of mosquitoes in the valley this year, probably due to the very wet summer. However, there is a distinct absence of the little horrors around the pergola area, which we assume is because of the aromatic herb garden. During a break from the garden, I reorganised my kitchen. The room has very little bench space so I need to make it work for me to feel some level of efficiency when I am in it. The major improvement was the repositioning of my bread maker, which now sits in a permanent location on the window sill where it will always be ready for a loaf!



2 responses to “The herbs are hanging”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I can see the gate posts out the window. Dad


  2. Anonymous says :

    Yes I read your blog – and suffer the pain of all the sandflys and wasps and the occasional Chingali


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