The plumber

Sometimes it seems that everything we do here gets undone, then redone. A couple of winters ago, we had a pipe burst in cold temperatures. as the pipes were under the tile bathroom floor, our only solution was to lift/ruin all of the tiles in order to lay new piping, then lay new tiles. Our continuing problem with crossed hot/cold water pipes has kept us busy for months trying to think of solutions. The plumber wants to find the source of the problem which could be anywhere and would require a complete excavation of the floors. We just want a shower. So we have had to think differently. This week, I sent a text to the plumber (“abbiamo un idea!”). When he arrived I explained that we wanted all of the water pipes to be set to cold and an extra instant gas hot water heater installed in the end of the house where all the wet rooms are. Then we would intercept one of the cold water pipes and direct it through the new instant gas hot water heater! Initially, his professionalism wouldn’t allow him to accept the idea but eventually he could see that it was the most immediate and practical solution. While it will cost more initially, it will mean less work for our submersible pump, our filter system and our septic as we won’t have to run so much water through the pipes waiting for it to get hot. So that’s how he and Stu came to be kneeling on the bathroom floor and destroying our tiles (again) with a jackhammer, a cold chisel and a hammer in search of pipes to intercept…



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