Conquering everything all at once

We have such high expectations of ourselves. Every day we achieve something and yet we still go to bed feeling as if we have spent a day twiddling our thumbs. I suspect this energy may be a “leftover” of working in a remote overseas location and all the nervous anxiety that goes with that. On one day last week, it was not enough to receive our shipping container AND go a long way towards solving our water problems with our plumber. Another day, we met the man who will remove our rubbish as well as flatten the area behind the fienile for us AND met a courier in town who had important customs clearance documents for us (when he phoned, I told him in my very tired Italian that we would BUY him at the station when I meant to say we would MEET him at the station! Oops). No doubt we will ooze ourselves into our bed tonight and proceed to worry about the next items on our list of issues to conquer…



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