Rose hip tea

Some weeks ago I posted about the crop of rosehips on our two rose bushes. A friend encouraged me to harvest them and make tea. After surfing the internet, I found that I needed to wait until the first frost before picking them in order to maximise the taste as well as the vitamin C content. So after a few days of frost, I set off with my garden shears and collected a bowl of rosehips. I then proceeded to dry them, first in the oven, then on the radiator, before cutting and crushing them into pieces. The tea looks lovely and tastes delicious but at a ratio of 40 rosehips to 3/4 cup of dried tea I am not sure if this is the cottage industry for me!

Above: rosehips on the bush a few weeks before they were picked
Above: freshly picked full rosehips before they went into the oven to dry (8 hours)
Above: halved rosehips after drying
Above: rosehips after cutting and crushing (=rosehip tea)



2 responses to “Rose hip tea”

  1. Anonymous says :

    The perfect life. Yet no kids or grand kids. It must get empty at times. Tell Stuart his son said hello.


  2. Jaqueline Whyte says :

    Have you had some tea yet? Jaq 🙂


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