I love to organise. I have always needed to feel organised. It was a key skill during my “paid employment” life and continues to be useful here. Today I spent the day unpacking the last of the removal boxes and putting everything in a logical place. I now have my dinner sets exposed on a bench in the rustico instead of hidden in paper and cardboard. I also have a rustic candlestick on our dining room table and a 1970s lamp on our bedroom drawers. I took the opportunity to make a few hard decisions on items that I could live without and placed these items in boxes to donate to a second hand stall at the market. Now why did I choose today to go on an organisation binge? Well, it is slippery outside. When I ventured out this morning, I ended up on my backside in the snow twice, and sheepishly returned to the safety of the house with a wet bum and a twisted wrist. So, I then loitered in the library, selecting a few books about living in Italy, decorating old houses in Italy and entertaining. Over a macchiato from our wonderful Nespresso machine, I perused these books and discovered new inspiration. Then I crept into the cold and damp rustico to rediscover what delights were hidden therein…




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