The burial

We ventured down our driveway on foot again today to go into town for a coffee and some groceries. Fairly quickly we realised that the snow on the driveway had melted with last night’s rain but we continued anyway as there were a few thin branches across the road that we wanted to cut before we next took the car out. So I carried our umbrellas and grocery bags while Stu carried the branch cutters and hedge trimmers. Once he had trimmed the overhanging areas, Stu buried the tools in the remaining snow for safekeeping while we continued into town. As I looked at Stu on his hands and knees burying the tools I wondered how I might explain this strange activity to our neighbours were we to be seen…

Stu digging up the tools



One response to “The burial”

  1. Leo Doyle says :

    Hi Cath,
    Make the best of the snow – it will soon all be gone for another 10 months – MD


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