Childhood treasures

I had a wonderful childhood. Thankfully, I am able to re-live it just a little bit when I peer into my “glory” box, which now doubles as a “treasure and family heirloom” box. Yesterday I peered into my box, where I found Pinky, a limp pink teddybear that had kept me company from the age of two. A little further down I found a golliwog, knitted for me by my nana, along with a doll that I had sewn together with my nana. Also amongst the treasures were several books, bought for me and my sisters by our parents, grandparents and aunties. I also found three holy pictures that had hung on our beds and kept us safe at night. All of these treasures made me think of something I read recently: “Sometimes my memories squeeze out of my eyes and down my cheeks”…

Pinky and holy pictures

A selection of 40 year old books from my childhood



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