Working towards a colourful garden

We have one big regret. That we didn’t plant more trees when we lived here four years ago. We have wasted valuable growing time. Applying the “it’s never too late” philosophy, we are now utterly focused on planting several colourful trees around the house. Planting now will mean that they have three seasons during which to get comfortable before winter arrives. We have an ornamental plum tree just outside the kitchen which we DID have the foresight to plant when we last lived here. It is now an established tree that has red foliage which provides welcome relief from the greens of our valley. It also blossoms beautifully pink in spring and will provide shade in summer as it grows. This week we planted two new trees with red foliage on a terrace near the house. They are Japanese maples, named “Fire Glow” because of their red foliage. Next week we will plant a larger Japanese maple (“Seiryu”) near the main gate which will colour our world in Autumn with brilliant reds and oranges.

The ornamental plum tree that we planted four years ago

The Japanese maples that we planted this week



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