Tomato trauma

We invested in 30 tomato plants this week. This is no mean feat in Italy. On a visit to our local nursery, we were shocked to discover how many varieties of tomatoes existed. And I guess they are just the ones they stock! After spending far too long reading labels to make sure that we didn’t buy anything genetically modified, we finally settled on a “Datterino” (which looked like an Australian “Roma”, a hardy elongated tomato) and had a “no OGM” label on them. We took our thirty plants home but couldn’t plant them immediately because we had yet to install their trellis and drip watering system. That night, I dreamed that we had purchased OGM tomatoes! Horror of horrors! I lay awake tossing and turning, wracked with guilt that we had supported the corruption of our food supply. As soon as my eyes opened the following morning, I rushed like a possessed person to check the label. Phew. Later on that day, Stu set up the trellis and watering system and planted them while I weeded around the area. Since each plant will yield 10kg, Stu will soon present me with 300 kg of tomatoes! Guaranteed to place me in a situation far worse than a mere crate of oranges…




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