More roses

Here’s the climbing rose again with the sun on it and in ever more bloom. The perfume wafts into our bathroom and floats around us every time we walk past it. To the right of the climber we have two non-climbing roses which are also blooming…the cream one has been established for a couple of years but the orange one was a gift for my birthday yesterday and has only just been planted.




3 responses to “More roses”

  1. Rosie says :

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  2. Rosie says :

    I hope it's not gall bladder but woulds like it… pain should go away for a bit though… just watch what you eat, nothing too rich, fatty or spicy… I Aus if you're a public patient I think you have to have about 5 or 6 attacks… thank goodness for private insurance!!!!! Had mine out years ago!


  3. Catherine says :

    Thanks Rosie. I am off to the surgeon today. The pain is much better than it was but gets bad again if i do anything like lift or stretch. 😦


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