Stu’s incinerator

We try hard to be self sufficient at least in terms of growing some of our own food and managing our own rubbish. Enter Stu’s incinerator, one of about five old standalone wood fireplaces that we found in the house when we purchased it. Using this will allow us to keep on top of our paper and cardboard during the warmer seasons when we don’t have our fireplaces going. It also means we are less likely to cause a bush fire! Stu has put it on an old ceramic tile near the rock wall in the vege garden where it will give him a good close supply of ash for his potatoes, tomatoes and gooseberries.



2 responses to “Stu’s incinerator”

  1. Murleo says :

    What a beautiful sunny day to test the incinerator. Will the authorities see the smoke? – Dad


  2. Catherine says :

    We hope not 🙂


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