Fienile renovation

I have been talking about our plans and preparations for the renovation of our fienile so I thought it was about time I shared our “before” (now) and “after” (dream) with you.

We are waiting for a few quotes for two main projects:

1. The shoring up of the walls, reconstruction of the roof and laying of a smooth concrete floor.

2. The excavation of earth behind the building, erection of a retaining wall and laying of a concrete slab.

If prices are extreme, then our dream may have to stay a dream…but we have our fingers crossed…tightly…


Source: unknown (apologies to the publisher)



2 responses to “Fienile renovation”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Is it too early to get reservations to stay there for the truffle festival next year? There will be heaters and fresh breads and jams for breakfast? And a quick game of cricket during the noon hour.


  2. Catherine says :

    Jam will be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner…well, I have to get rid of it somehow!


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