A house garden overhaul

The plants around the house have been looking straggly and woody. I have been trimming, pruning and nursing them for months but they are still…well, ugly.

So after 5 years I decided it was time for an overhaul. This week, I dug out the ugly plants. Then Stu prepared deeper holes for new plants. In the holes I placed richer earth and mulch and will now wait for this earth to enrich before planting in Autumn.

I’m thinking “roses and lavender” which do well on that corner of the house and compliment each other. I am now in the throes of researching types of roses (do you realise just how many there are!?) to ensure that I get the right height, bloom and hardiness for the location.

I have fallen in love with a rose called Joseph’s Coat which is a climbing floribunda with a multi-coloured bloom. Unfortunately it is susceptible to leaf rust but I simply must give it a chance in my garden!




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