The long neglected fienile is loved

Stu has finished restoring the front window of the fienile!

He replaced the upper wooden beams and the lower stone wall a few weeks ago and has now finished the window itself.

Since this lower fienile space will be a work and garden shed, we do not need to install glass in the windows but still need to retain security and some weather insulation.

We decided to re-install the old security bars and old wire mesh and add insect screens and shutters. The shutters were taken from the house, where they have been a constant source of annoyance because they weren’t on all of the windows! Since our house windows are small and we have no need to darken our rooms, we have now removed all of the shutters and will re-use them elsewhere.

Our stronger and prettier fienile is now feeling like part of the house…

Aove: Stu re-installs the window bars

Above: Stu trial-fits the unpainted and uncovered window frame

Above: Stu installs the newly painted and wire/flyscreen-covered window frame

Above: The finished job, complete with a pair of old house shutters!



2 responses to “The long neglected fienile is loved”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Ok, looks great. Where is our bedroom??


  2. Catherine says :

    You have several choices. Our higher value luxury suite is in the house, our standard room is in the rustico and a bed with the wildlife (vermin) is in the fienile


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