Country letterboxes

We are now in the Goomburra Valley which is 70km south of Toowoomba. At the end of our road is the Goomburra State Forest which is part of the Main Range National Park.

Our camping ground is on a stony creek bed and, while the creek is not running at the moment, there is evidence that it can become rather full and thunderous when it does rain!

The tall gum trees that hover above us creak threateningly during the night. Frogs and beetles rattle and vibrate loudly in the cool night air.

Sheep run past our campsite during the day and horses stamp beside the camping ground’s cattle grid entry in the morning.

Birds are prolific…varied, noisy and colourful. We had a blue-green fluorescent parrot visit our camper this morning and there are flocks of green-red cockatoos as well as the ubiquitous inland birds of Australia, the white and pink cockatoos.

Amidst all this natural beauty, the human inhabitants of the valley appear to be obsessed with weird letterboxes. They use all manner of contraptions to ensure that their postie has a safe and dry place in which to deposit their mail…

Above: A microwave letterbox

Above: Another microwave letterbox

Above: A milkcan letterbox on which stands a black cat with marbles for eyes

Above: A lawnmower grass catcher letterbox

Above: A milkcan letterbox on an old piece of farm machinery
Above: A skeleton letterbox, which also advertises “handmade stuff for sale”



2 responses to “Country letterboxes”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Hard to pick a favorite.


  2. Catherine says :

    I will buy you a skeleton one and you can take it back home with you from Italy???


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