Hot food in the cold rain

It continues to rain in what must be the wettest year on record in Piemonte. It is truly horrid. It is hard, heavy and continuous and the new gravel on our driveway threatens to sink into the muddy mire that lies beneath.

In an attempt to distract us from the dismal weather we have decided to hold a feast of Indian food.

I spent today cooking. We have 2 meat curries (vindaloo and sri lankan), 2 vegetarian curries (chole chaat and parippu), 1 vegetable dish (aloo gobi), 2 rices (pulao and plain) and raita.

With the food ready, we will spend tomorrow morning cleaning, lighting the fires and setting the table with an Indian theme before our 10 friends arrive at lunchtime.



3 responses to “Hot food in the cold rain”

  1. Anonymous says :

    So glad we were among the guest that got to eat your amazing meal. YUMMY!!!


  2. Catherine says :

    Please state your name, number and rank…you cant be sure these days…even if you get compliments


  3. Anonymous says :

    Sorry!!!! Chris!!!!!


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