The Indian feast

I think I can say with confidence that our Indian feast was a success!

This morning we woke to a damp and dismal day. Not very Indian unless you are an Indian from Himachal Pradesh or Kashmir.

We started the heating, did the housework and set the table before sitting down to a late but healthy breakfast of oats, yoghurt, fruit and nuts.

Our 9 wonderful guests arrived just after noon. Their arrival sparked a chain of events which involved warming curries, cooking rices and baking breads. But before long we were all tucking into the various dishes with gusto. Most went back for seconds and were still able to put away a huge slice of coconut cream tart for dessert!

Some left after 4 hours, others after 6 hours and the die-hards after 9 hours!

Above: The feast

Above: A delicious coconut cream dessert provided by a friend

Above: A few slightly non-Indian after dinner choices…and the barman



8 responses to “The Indian feast”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Are there any leftovers??? I'm hungry again!



  2. Catherine says :

    Yes, there were leftovers…but the emphasis is on “were”…


  3. Stuart Whyte says :

    I ate the leftovers last night then went to bed and couldnt sleep because I overate


  4. Jimmy and Darryl says :

    Where my comment……


  5. Jimmy and Darryl says :

    Who has to approve the comment…..I thought this was easy……..


  6. Catherine says :

    Me! I'm the boss! Sometimes you just cant trust your friends to say nice things… :-)))


  7. Chris says :

    If it gets us another amazing feast like yesterday, I will say anything! For Stu's sake, next time Syzanne and I will take any leftovers off your hands.


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