Too much rain = muddy landslides

We have had an incredible amount of rain in Italy this year but this Autumn has been something else!

As I write it has been raining fairly continuously for almost 5 weeks. On the rare ocassion when it is not raining, it is foggy. Whether it is rainy or foggy, it is always damp.

We’ve had the de-humidifier on in the house to keep mould away and fires are required to dry tea towels and washing.

Landslides (“le franne”) have been very common in Piemonte and Liguria and we frequently come across subsided areas when we’re driving around our area.

When we ventured out yesterday we found that a cliff beside our driveway had succumbed. Luckily the slide didn’t obstruct the road but it did leave several muddy streaks that look like liquid but are actually thick and goody like cooling lava flows.

Above: The landslide beside our driveway



2 responses to “Too much rain = muddy landslides”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Ouch, that's a long drive.


  2. Catherine says :

    Better that it fell near our driveway than on our house!


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