Seeing the world anew

This morning we crackled over the ice and out of the valley to do an 8km ridge walk from Rochetta Palafea to Montabone and back.

Thankfully the clear air and spectacular views distracted us from the minus 2 degree temperature up there.

One the way home we stopped for a warm meal at a local trattoria then spent the afternoon basking in the sun at home.

Above: Snow plough detritus at Rochetta Palafea

Above: The view from the ridge

Above: Back at home for an afternoon in the sun



4 responses to “Seeing the world anew”

  1. Murleo says :

    What a contrast – enjoy your life of luxury – MD


  2. Tom Prosapio says :

    Where's the wine and anti pasta?


  3. Catherine says :

    We had to keep the wine and antipasti for later…to amuse us after the sun went down!


  4. Catherine says :

    Every day I pinch myself…although it's more about freedom and pleasure than luxury…you cant get too lux in a partially renovated dust trap in a jungle!


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