Casting off in "Castaway"

We have just spent 5 weeks in Australia (hence the recent lack of posts…)

While we were there we took possession of our “home away from home”, a Toyota Coaster bus which we have had converted into a mobile home.

We engaged a small company in Brisbane (Motorhome Conversions) to import the bus from Japan and fit it out as a motorhome for us. It has a kitchen, lounge/dining, bathroom and bedroom and Is surprisingly spacious and very comfortable.

We named our little bus “Castaway” and drove it 1500km from Toowoomba to Rockhampton and back for its first little spin.

All went well and it was lovely having our own space.

Castaway is now in storage until our next visit…

Above: Our first bush camp

Above: Washing the bus before putting it into storage
Above: Farewelling the bus at the storage shed



One response to “Casting off in "Castaway"”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Very cute couple


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