A trip away…and a day at Limone sul Garda

On our return from Bolzano, we took the opportunity to drive the pretty route along Lago di Garda.

We dropped into a little town called Limone sul Garda which is spectacular because it is right on the lake but also has a backdrop of high steep rocky mountains.

This little town is famous for its hillside cultivation of lemons which has been happening since the 1700s.

We stopped to taste the local limoncello and walk the narrow streets of the town. We also enjoyed a lake fish pasta lunch and a cool gelato as we cooked in the heat reflected off the rocky cliffs and the humidity rising from the lake.

The historic stone buildings, the lemon groves, the watery foreground and the rocky mountains provided some great photo opportunities…






2 responses to “A trip away…and a day at Limone sul Garda”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Very cute couple!


  2. Catherine says :

    I'm not sure if you can call a 50 and a 60 year old “cute”(!?). Can I suggest words such as “distinguished”, “elegant”, “classy”? On second thoughts, perhaps not…


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