Some people can’t be helped…

I interrupt my normal posts to issue one from my better half…

“I got up early to finish the concreting of the bathroom and entry passage in readiness for tiling next week. I started at 6am and, 3 wheelbarrow loads later, the job was complete.

An hour later, I hear a small voice say “Oh, this is still wet!?”

Yes, Cath had stood in the wet cement.

Now we have a perfect imprint of her slippered foot in the concrete. Amazingly, the footprint is in the section she had helped me to smooth out only an hour before…so her comment is truly beyond comprehension.

I am leaving the footprint there so that I can get some mileage out of it and in the hope that it might remind her not to stand in it again until it has set!”

…back to my posts tomorrow…



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