The tiles are on the floor!

We’ve finally finished laying the floor tiles in the downstairs bathroom!

Stu has also been building the laundry walls while I’ve been grouting the floor.

During this heatwave, we’ve had to adjust our schedule to enable us to continue working. We get up at 6am, drink our freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water, then start work immediately. Usually we get carried away and eventually come to breakfast at about 9am. It works well because we then have a late lunch and a short siesta before settling in the cool lounge to watch the start of the Tour de France. We return to work in the afternoon but regularly check the TV for progress of the race until (with an hour or so to go) we finish work and again settle in the lounge to watch the last kilometres.

With the race over, we have showers then prepare dinner.

As the sun goes down and a long twilight settles over us, we head off to the fienile with our meal and a book to do some serious relaxation. There is no greater reward for our day’s work than resting our eyes on the cool greens of the forest and listening to the songs of birds who are grateful for the end of a hot day…





4 responses to “The tiles are on the floor!”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Sorry, I have been falling behind but I am reading. Looks like you two have really got this thing called life kind of figured out. Have fun and stay safe in the heat. And watch the red meat!!!


  2. Catherine says :

    The photos are deceiving. We work way more than we relax!


  3. Jenny P says :

    Sounds like a perfect work routine.


  4. Catherine says :

    It would be if we could maintain it! The truth is we usually have “exhaust ourselves completely” days followed by “we're so sore we can't move” days! 😉


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