The best harvest for many years?

We live in a most beautiful area. The hills are high and rolling. The roads are narrow and winding. The slopes of the hills are covered in grapevines, rows of parallel green patterning the earth.

We’ve watched the farmers all year…pruning, lifting, tidying, cutting and generally tending their vines. We’ve watched the skies anxiously for them, worried that too much rain, wind or hail might ruin the crops in one foul sweep.

Vendemmia is always a special time…but this year there has been an extra buzz about the place, a frizzon of excitement and anticipation. After two very dry months during the July/August heatwave and no damaging storms, this year’s harvest is proving to be bountiful.

Wine makers are saying that initial sampling of the grapes and their juice promises the sweetest wine for many years…

With such joy hanging in the air, we love to see slow tractors on the roads pulling heavily laden carts…



One response to “The best harvest for many years?”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    We are picking fast and furious, too. It seems to be a smaller crop but excellent quality. I do sometimes wonder how much marketing plays in grape quality but…


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