Old nails and ash

Our fireplaces are happily chugging away burning all the old rotten wood from our fienile renovation last year.

On one hand it’s great to see the old wooden rafters go up in smoke in such a useful manner…but on the other hand I feel sad for the old nails that we find in the ashes afterwards.

While I feel a slight guilt to be the one who is discarding these relics, I feel no such guilt over the ash that we regularly clean out of the fireplaces.

In fact, Stu and I compete for the ash.

He wants it for the vegetable garden. I want it for the roses.

To avoid a major domestic situation, we’ve had to negotiate…so we’ve now agreed to take it in turns.

As I sit and watch this evening’s kitchen fireplace glowing, I am reminded yet again to be thankful for our simple life.




2 responses to “Old nails and ash”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Nice to see you two sharing?!!


  2. Catherine says :

    There are some things that require fighting…every second bucket of ash falls into this category… 😉


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