Winter days that aren’t so perfect

After enjoying lots of perfect winter days, we are now experiencing some not-so-perfect ones!

It is cloudy, misty, dreary, damp…need I say more…

On the “bright side” (no pun intended), these sorts of days are almost-perfect because they give us guilt-free time to sit inside with the kitchen fire warming our backs and good books in front of us.

Unfortunately, necessity dictates that my “good book” for today is the Italian road code, which (of course) makes this almost-perfect day once again a not-so-perfect day…




2 responses to “Winter days that aren’t so perfect”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Hmmm, always something not oh so perfect. We have been having incredible weather the last couple of weeks. Even had shorts on for a picnic at the ocean. Alas, rain returns this week and we do need to fill the lakes and resivors.


  2. Catherine says :

    After our summer in Australia, we are secretly loving this cold weather, as summer in Europe will be on us all too soon!


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