A tree or two…

For those of my readers who think that I have completely forgotten how to write, finally here’s a post…

I hope you will forgive my silence when I tell you that I’ve been exhausted settling back into Italy, re-acquainting myself with friends and contacts, ensuring that our car is legal in terms of car tax and roadworthy obligations and trying to remember how to speak Italian!

Late winter also happens to be the time to be working in the paddocks, cutting blackberry, pulling weeds, pruning, shaping, preparing, fertilizing and planting.

So…we’ve also been doing all of the above and today capped our efforts off with the planting of 35 new trees!

We planted 26 hazelnut trees in the hazelnut grove, 5 new fruit trees in the orchard (3 cherries and 2 persimmons) and 4 new gooseberries in the gooseberry patch.

The sun has now gone down on our “crops” and we are sitting in our lounge chairs in front of a blazing fire, wondering how we’re going to get upstairs to bed in a couple of hours…

Above: The hazelnut grove

Above: The orchard

Above: The gooseberry patch



2 responses to “A tree or two…”

  1. OzAnnie says :

    Great to hear from you again! Busy times…


  2. Catherine says :

    Thanks OzAnnie! It has taken a while to settle back in but it is so worth it. Nothing beats home. I have looked at your blogs…sadly, I become very quickly suicidal when faced with a sewing machine…but I love the concept of FOGs!


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