You know you’re in good wine country when…

We walked into our local cafe late morning for a quick coffee before returning home after shopping.

The cafe was unusually quiet but in the corner sat two men. One was noticeable by the thin moustache he wore which had been dramatically twisted at the ends. The other had his back towards us but I noticed his style and his elegant grey hair.

They were having aperitivi, an Italian tradition where alcohol is served with bites of food pre lunch or dinner.

We ordered our coffee and talked about other things before I glanced back at the men and noticed that they were more interested in their wine than their food.

There were 2 bottles of wine. There was a spittoon.

They spent an inordinate amount of time swirling and smelling before eventually drinking just a little of the wine and spitting out the rest.

Another bottle was called to the table and I continued to watch fascinated as they swirled yet more wine before lifting it to their noses, then their lips.

It is this sort of intimacy in a local bar that tells us how special the wines from our region are…



One response to “You know you’re in good wine country when…”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    To think that is what I used to do and got paid for it. Work,work, work. You are really blessed with some wonderful wines.


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