Drivers licence update

Well, I’ve made a rather large commitment designed to force me to sit for my Italian drivers licence.

I’ve already been studying for a year (reading the manual, doing quizzes and practice exams on my iPad at home) but have got to the point where I run the risk of becoming a permanent student, happy to tell people for the rest of my life that “I’m studying for my Italian drivers licence”!

So, this week I asked my driving school to set a date for my theory exam.

I asked for the end of April and even added a countdown to our wall calender so that I can be haunted by the threat of the exam every morning.

This pressure approach to study always works for me.

Unfortunately, doesn’t work for my driving school!

The school requires me to do yet more electronic quizzes and practice exams IN THE CLASSROOM before they are prepared to book me in for the exam!

So…back to the drawing board…only now every day I’m driving half an hour over to Acqui Terme, sitting on their computers for 3 hours, then driving half an hour home.

While I am improving (current average error rate is 6 out of 40!), the travel is exhausting and the time out is seriously cramping my spring activity…



2 responses to “Drivers licence update”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    But you get to have coffee or wine at Bar Trilogy and gelato across the street and maybe see Jimmy and Darryl. Seems like win- win.


  2. Catherine says :



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