First bulbs of spring

We live in a place that has obvious seasons and all of the seasons have their own beauty…but there still remains something extra special about spring.   Our flower garden gives off a sweet perfume as the first bulbs reach out of the soil.   The lizards emerge from the cracks between our stone walls and I can almost see them stretch and blink in the sudden light. Some come out too early and sit frozen until the sun can thaw them out. I have a chance to get up close and personal with them and wonder over their prehistoric bodies.   This week, our neighbour (who lives in Canelli but spends warmer days in the valley) came out to mow his front lawn and enjoy the first sunrays of spring.   I took a break from my weeding and noticed him sitting on his newly cut lawn, picking weeds from around a rose. He was backlit by the sun and his bright white shirt contrasted beautifully with all of the greens, reds and yellows around him.   When I commented on what a lovely picture he made, I was presented with 6 beautiful jonquils from his garden…    



2 responses to “First bulbs of spring”

  1. Tom Prosapio says :

    Spring is indeed wonderful. All the colors seem to burst out, one different each day.


  2. Catherine says :

    Yes, but tragically I found myself “complaining” yesterday that the blossom doesn't hang around long enough!


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