Lined up with the big boys

On a dull September morning last year we woke nervous and excited.
This was the morning that we had to take our motorbike to the Motorizzazione at Alessandria for a pre-registration vehicle check.
We had an appointment “from 8.30am” and had decided that I would drive the car and Stu would follow me on the motorbike.

It was grape harvest time and we were slightly worried about the number of tractors and bulky vehicles on the road but we managed to get to Acqui Terme easily, where we collected our agent before continuing on to Alessandria.

The agent was to be invaluable to us; he would assist us with language difficulties as well as political and bureaucratic challenges.

And did we need him!

The lady at the Motorizzazione was demanding and difficult and it took 3 hours and all of our agent’s energies to convince her that all was normal with our motorbike.

The experience was not without amusement though…

When we had the car tested a few years ago, the rows of vehicles waiting in line were all very similar…standard sedans.

On the morning of our motorbike check, it quickly became apparent that this was the day for “odd” vehicles.

Stu initially had to line up next to a tractor and trailer, then as he progressed closer to the garage, he found himself behind a tiny handbuilt motorbike that was owned by a 90 year old man!

Although the experience eventually resulted in a fully registered motorbike, it was not good for Stu’s big harley davidson persona…


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