I’m back again!

Many apologies to regular readers for my extended absence…

In June I went to Australia to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday and in July Stu and I worked hard to get the lower fienile partly renovated.

The fienile has an upper level that is our entertainment area and a lower level that is split in half.  We have been using the left side as a garage and the right side as a garden shed since we purchased the property.  Stu has been using the cantina in the house as a work shed because the fienile spaces are essentially outdoor spaces: the walls are rendered with ugly cement render, there are gaping holes in several places and the dirt / stone floor has ominous looking holes!  Experience has shown that these gaps are used by rats in winter to make cosy nests!

Sealing the walls and floor are jobs that have been on our work list for a long time but we’ve only recently focused on them because there is a possibility that my parents may come to visit this winter.  If they come, we will need to use the cantina in the house as a downstairs bedroom…which means Stu has to move his work shed out of the house!

Stu decided he wanted the rear half of the garden shed to function as a work shed, while the front half would remain the garden shed.

As the space was originally used as a pig pen, the floor is stone and one of the historical features of this old property.  We decided that we should retain the old floor for posterity and use it ‘as is’ for the garden shed but lay pavers over the top of it for the work shed.

First, we jack hammered and picked the cement render off the stone walls.  Then we scraped any remaining detritus from between the stones, before pointing the walls with new cement.  When this was finished, Stu laid the pavers.

We have now finished the rear half, the work shed has been moved from the cantina and the cantina has been cleaned.

Of course, we still have the front half to jack hammer, pick, scrape and point…but that will be August’s job…


2 responses to “I’m back again!”

  1. tommyjoe14 says :

    Hi, I have missed your blogs but glad to know you are happy and busy. I bet that jackhammer keeps Stu young.


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