Shed Renovation

Recently, I posted about our shed renovation.

I talked about walls and floors…but I neglected to explain several other challenges…

  • The front door didn’t close well and new timber crossbeams needed to be installed to support the arch above the door.
  • The walls under the two windows were made of disintegrating bricks so needed to be re-built in stone and new timber crossbeams installed to support the arches above the windows.
  • The stone wall between the shed and the garage had a doorway that had been filled in at some stage with crumbling bricks so needed to be re-built in stone or opened up as a doorway. We decided to open it up.

The first priority was the front door and the front window.  Stu fixed both of these a few months ago and I have blogged previously on these efforts.

In early July, we decided to tackle the crumbling brick wall between the shed and the garage.

Stu loves the wild abandon and potential for discovery that come with destroying things around here.  So he took to the wall with a sledge hammer and a smile.  I watched as he thrust the heavy tool powerfully at the bricks and I recorded the collapse of the decaying wall over the course of just a few minutes.

The wall is now gone which means we both have to turn our attention to construction again.

Luckily, we both enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with construction and re-building so over the coming weeks he will fit the new door sill and old frame and door, then I will stone up the gap between the wall and the new door to re-seal the shed.



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