Stonehenge returns

About 3 years ago, we erected a ‘table’ under the walnut tree.  The legs were made of logs of wood and the top was a large flat rock.  We used to have our morning coffee at that table (in our very own ‘cafe’!)…until we launched The Big Septic Project and had to dismantle the table lest it sink in a mire of mud!

The legs found a new home in the firewood pile and the flat stone was cast onto the rock pile.

But now that the ‘septic mud’ has been replaced with grass, it is time to re-establish our ‘cafe’…

We already have 2 bench seats that our tree feller carved out of a walnut tree for us a few months back.  All we needed was a table…

I went searching in the firewood pile and the rock pile.

I tried various pieces of wood and several slabs of stone.  But none looked balanced and strong.  In my mind I imagined something grand and elegant, perhaps a little ‘Roman’.

So I extended my search.

First, I found 2 white moulded fibreglass columns (that had been used as potplant stands) and a slab of white marble (that had been stored in the shed).

I carefully dug flat patches amidst the grass and placed the columns on them, then laid the marble across the top.

Our new ‘cafe’ is now ready for any thirsty coffee drinkers!




One response to “Stonehenge returns”

  1. tommyjoe14 says :

    I can hardly wait to try it out. Probably next Spring.


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