Working like a man

I have muscles.  Bigger arm muscles than any self-respecting female should have.

But when you work like a man, I guess you start to look like a man.

Well, I’ve taken this one step further.

I now have a ‘man injury’.

Yes, this week I was playing with rocks (i.e. building a stone wall) when I managed to drop a 20kg rock on my big toe.

Now my toe is black and my nail is ‘moving’ ominously.  I guess for the not so faint hearted this means that my nail is floating on a bed of blood and will soon become detached.


I’ve had to rely on Stu to tell me what to expect…and it’s not good.  Luckily, summer’s almost over so I’ll be wearing closed-in shoes and my lack of a toenail won’t be too obvious.

The last time I lost a toenail I was 6 years old and walked into the bottom of a door!

It eventually grew back in a strange shape and only just flattened out again when I was 48 years old!

I guess my latest injury will mean that my foot will not be ‘beautiful’ again until I’m 93!

p.s. I’ll spare you the photos


2 responses to “Working like a man”

  1. tommyjoe14 says :

    Ouchieee! But I’ll bet Stuart is waiting on you all day??! Hope you get better soon.


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