A new little crepe myrtle

For years, we’ve put up with our American friends drooling about crepe myrtles.

Well, we’ve finally succumbed to the beauty of these trees…

A tree felling experience that went wrong caused us to wipe out one of our cherry trees this year (see post dated 23 May 2016).

This incident left us with an excuse to purchase a replacement tree…so we made it a crepe myrtle!

Our little crepe myrtle is still not properly established as it’s had to cope with a very dry summer.

However, since I wanted to see if it would flower this year, I deliberately watered it regularly and deeply over recent weeks and this week it rewarded us with its first tentative pink flowers!

But our new tree isn’t the only thing lapping up the heat of late summer.  This month we’ve also spied something amusing on the top of our neighbours’ patio roofing: a huge white teddy bear basking in the sun!


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