It’s f(r)iggin’ good!

One of the joys of living in Italy are the figs.

We never ate figs before we moved here but now we understand this amazing fruit.

It is flexible and can be made into sweet (jam) or savoury (chutney) condiments and can also be used for all sorts of desserts and savoury dishes.

We were so enamored of them last year that we planted 3 in our orchard.  Sadly, our little trees will need to grow a bit bigger before they will give us a ‘crop’ so in the meantime we need to depend of family and friends to provide us with supplies.

My sister and brother in law have recently purchased an old stone house about 20 minutes away from us and their property is laden with fig trees.  Big old ancient beauties that hang heavy with fruit.  I’ve been eyeing their fruit off for some weeks, which will ripen very shortly and keep me very busy.

In the meantime, one of our friends is satisfying our cravings.

Yesterday we were given two kilograms of organic and perfectly ripe black and green figs.

So this morning I consigned myself to the kitchen for 2 hours with the end result being 7 jars of delicious spiced fig chutney…which will be a perfect accompaniment to our hot winter meals!



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