Another Roman ‘halt!’ to the works

We live near Acqui Terme, which was once a Roman spa town.

As such, we are constantly being reminded of the power and capability of the Roman Empire.

It is a really pretty town with a very historical old area and parkland that hosts several majestic buildings that were used for all sorts of health and wellness purposes during the 17th and 18th century.

One of the problems with being a Roman spa town is that the town beneath the town is alive and well.

With ruins.

This, of course, drives the council and developers mad.  Items of interest are always being discovered during projects involving the re-laying of pipes and cables or excavation for new building foundations.

Once a suspicious collection of stones is found, all work stops while archeologists are brought in to brush away the soil, identify and record the find and preserve it.

Over recent weeks, we’ve been following the progress of some council works near the centre of town and when we walked past the area today, we noticed significantly reduced activity.

I peered into the deep gaping hole in the road…and sure enough, there he was: A man on his knees, bent over and brushing intently at several stones.

When we walked back past the site a few hours later, the man was gone, the site was void of activity…and any development or construction work will remain suspended for some time yet!

I wonder if the Romans had any idea that (2000 years after their Empire collapsed) a new civilization would treat their legacy with so much respect?




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