The harvest continues…

The harvest outside our valley continues in earnest, with tractors and trailers slowing traffic down to almost a stop on every small road that travels past a vineyard.

In the meantime, our own harvest continues and this time it’s our tomatoes.

We have had incredibly dry weather for a few years now and, like any decent Australian faced with an extended ‘dry’, I have been imagining the worst.  My mind can easily transport us to a cattle station ‘out west’ where the sun beats down endlessly, the temperature bakes the dust and even the kangaroos are dying.  A few minutes spent thinking like this and I have reduced us to a pile of bones on our gravel driveway in Italy!

Yes, this may be a slight exaggeration of the situation but, let me tell you, even the threat of a lack of water causes any decent Australian some anxiety.


So we have been rationing our water and focusing on keeping our more expensive plants alive (the new almond, hazelnut and fruit trees) rather than our tomatoes.

To this end, our tomato crop has been small but the fruit still incredibly sweet.

I ventured out one day last week and picked the last of them, which was still enough to make 5 large jars of tomato sauce.

Our harvest is now over and the cantina is stocked with all sorts of summer tastes that will keep us happy during winter.


2 responses to “The harvest continues…”

  1. tommyjoe14 says :

    It is almost funny how we take water for granted sometimes. Growing up in Chicago we had a seemingly endless supply with Lake Michigan. I could run along the lakefront and there would be fresh water fountains every 1/4 mile. After the drought years in California ( as we save our gray water in buckets for the garden) water is one of the most precious things we have.


    • Catherine says :

      Yes…I wish more people would ‘get’ this. At the Valle d’Aosta this week, we found a cow trough that was constantly being fed by a pipe/tap from a natural mountain source and it really stressed us out! We wanted to turn the thing OFF and save that water!


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