I’m a sucker for punishment

When we arrived back from the alps, I wandered over to our tomato plants to see if they really had given us the last of their tomatoes for the season.

They hadn’t.

I managed to fill another basket with them but this time they were much smaller.  These would definitely be the last so I made a few jars of tomato preserve out of them.

But just when I thought I was finished, tomatoes continue to haunt me…

We made our weekly trip to Canelli’s wonderful street market today.

We buy all of our vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats, eggs and honey from the market because it’s so much fresher but also much cheaper and far more enjoyable than a cold sterile supermarket.

At this time of year, there is a sense that everyone is trying to hold onto the final weeks of summer.  Stall owners display the last of their summer crops as well as the first tastes of autumn.  Locals can’t decide whether to hold onto summer and buy tomatoes and cucumbers or give in to autumn and buy fennel and pumpkin.

This little local decided to hold onto summer.

My eye was drawn to a stack of chests which contained the ripest reddest tomatoes and I simply couldn’t face winter without adding a few more jars of ‘pomodori preserve’ to our cantina.

Poor Stu struggled back to the car carrying 12 kilograms of tomatoes while I negotiated corners and curbs with 2 full trolleys!

The things you do when winter beckons…

All 12 kilograms of tomato (15 jars) have now been bottled and stacked in our cantina…


2 responses to “I’m a sucker for punishment”

  1. Claire says :

    Great work 👍😉


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