Firewood pile roof

We had never had any experience with firewood and were quite paranoid in the early days that we wouldn’t have enough of it to keep the 4 fires in our house chugging away during the cold season.

We used to avoid burning it.

We used to argue over which piece to put on the fire.

When we bought the place, it had been neglected for 30 years and there were dead trees, fallen trees and ugly trees everywhere.

After spending years clearing and tidying up, we’ve now learned that our wooded land can provide us with an endless supply of wood and that we don’t need to be bashful about using it!

We were also paranoid about how we should ‘organize’ our firewood.

At first, we cut everything we found into neat firewood sizes, lugged them in heavy wheelbarrow-loads uphill to the house, then went to great pains to stack them neatly in the woodpile.

After spending years doing this, we’ve now learned that not every piece of wood in our paddocks needs to be converted immediately into firewood sizes!

So we now have stacks of long logs in each paddock that won’t be cut and stacked near the house until we actually need the wood.


We’ve also learned that trying to find the perfect piece to fit in a particular spot in the woodpile was largely impossible…and grossly impractical!

Over the years we have moved the woodpile (3 times!) and it has been only this year that we have settled on a permanent spot.

Stu has even erected a proper roof for it!

With our city-dweller concept of traditional heating suitably challenged, we can now confidently burn our firewood during the deepest darkest days of winter…



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