The impetus is taking me with it

Well, the rather reflective post I wrote on my childhood experience with chickens has moved beyond simple imaginings…

The coop has arrived!

Yesterday we spent all afternoon erecting it but, as we put the last nail in the coop, I experienced a slight heart flutter at the thought that I now actually had to put something IN the coop…moving, scratching, pecking, clucking, breathing, alive things!

One of the little pieces of personal insight I’ve learned over my lifetime is that, in order for me to achieve anything that might worry or frighten me, I just need to make the FIRST commitment.

In this latest venture, my first commitment was the coop.

Now it all feels slightly out of my control, which is a good thing.  I will be forced to embrace all sorts of new tasks and responsibilities…but also learnings, lessons and rewards.

So this week I set about identifying the best chooks for us.  I spent hours poring over books and websites and finally determined that we should raise Orpington chickens.  These pretty brown/red chooks are a “heritage breed, friendly, gentle, good egg producers (even in cold winter months), winter hardy” (


My next task was to source my preferred chooks.  I started surfing “vendita” (for sale) sites for “galline” (adult chooks), then “pulcini” (baby chicks), then “fertilized eggs”.

Yes, you guessed it.

My post on frypan-hatched chickens had created such enthusiasm among my readers, that the concept had stayed with me and it wasn’t long before I (insanely?) announced to Stu that I wanted to hatch my own chicks.

Let’s just say that Stu had an interesting reaction and has been in a state of mild panic ever since.

In the meantime, I am waiting to take delivery of 5 fertilized eggs.  When they arrive, I will carefully place them on a bed of sand in a frypan that has been heated to a stable 37.5 degrees.

In 21 days I hope to watch my little “pulcini” emerge from their shells…



5 responses to “The impetus is taking me with it”

  1. tommyjoe14 says :

    You are indeed an intrepid person. I am sure there will be photos and such. Just give Stuart a glass or two of wine and tell him to relax.


  2. Dave says :

    You could also stick Stu in the Coop with the eggs!


  3. brocmbrocb says :

    We would love to keep chickens here, unfortunately we are only in Piemonte for three to four months per year. Good luck with thee chooks!


    • Catherine says :

      We have also lived here and away for a few years. We have only recently got our heads around the possibility of keeping animals now that we’re finally permanent!


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