A monumental failure

Well, it’s been 3 weeks since our 5 little fertilized eggs arrived.  We had immediately placed them on a bed of warm sand in our electric frypan and Stu has faithfully been turning them 4 times a day ever since.

Hatching day came this week and…well…nothing happened.

I must admit, we weren’t overly surprised.  We’d been candling the eggs every week and had suspected that the 2 Orpington eggs had never been fertilized.  We’d also noticed that 2 of the Livorno eggs, while showing visible yolks, had also never been fertilized.

This left 1.

We had high hopes for this 1 and were excited when we had candled the egg during week 2 and seen the beginnings of an embryo.

But our hopes were dashed when our early Autumn temperatures suddenly plummeted to 2 degrees and our little frypan had trouble adjusting quickly enough.

Last week we candled our 1 egg again and noticed that our embryo had failed to develop any further.

So this week, we decided that it was time to turn off the frypan and bury our eggs.

In March, Plan B will be implemented.

Plan B involves purchasing week old chicks from a local hatchery and attempting to raise a family of adopted chickens instead…



4 responses to “A monumental failure”

  1. mardeekaus says :

    I’m really sorry about the chicks, Cath. I can just imagine your disappointment. Better luck next spring.

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    • Catherine says :

      Yes, we were disappointed…but once we realized that we were only likely to get 1, we were sort of relieved when it didn’t develop (chickens are flock birds and 1 chicken by itself would probably die of loneliness anyway…unless Stu allowed it to sleep in our bed…)


  2. tommyjoe14 says :

    Oh, so sorry. But the baby chicks might be a good idea. Is Stuart working on a coop or will they be “free range”?


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