Oh what a wonderful Autumn!

Over recent years, we’ve made regular trips to Australia in Autumn.

Autumn here can be a quiet time for various reasons, one being that there is less work to do around the grounds and the other being that there is a sense of hunkering down and ‘waiting’ for what lies ahead (winter!).

This Autumn we are staying put and, with the cooler temperatures and fresher days, we’ve been out walking a lot to gain some aerobic fitness before winter.

But yesterday’s walk didn’t offer much in terms of fitness, as we were continually distracted by the most incredible Autumn colours we’ve ever seen here…



6 responses to “Oh what a wonderful Autumn!”

  1. Suzanne Salvo says :

    Well seen images, Catherine – but we need to show you how to use the saturation controsl . . . walking again as soon as the sun comes out!


  2. DAVIDE AGNELLI says :

    Lovely photos, pity we weren’t able to swing buy on our way back but it was great meeting up with you all in Acqui and hope it won’t be too long til our next visit. Enjoy the Autumn – and the Winter too!

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  3. dellcourt says :

    Great photos . You must have a good camera. The only thing missing is Mosque .

    Sorry about the chickens. Thanks M&DC.



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