We’ve been given some cluckers!

Just when we thought our chicken dream was over for 2016, we’ve been given a lifeline!

One of my more dedicated blog readers has offered us her chickens!  She and her family are leaving the area and can’t take their flock with them.

So early this week we made a trip over to her house to meet her chickens.

She has 7 in total: 1 buff Orpington, 1 white Livorno, 2 black Livorno, 2 brown bantam hens and 1 bantam rooster!

Since our coop is only good for 4 hens, she had kindly allowed us to take 4 hens: 1 buff Orpington, 1 white Livorno and 2 black Livorno.  She will give the 2 bantam hens to another friend.

So, I hear you ask, What about the rooster?

Well, we are taking him too.  He is small so won’t be a problem in terms of coop size.

Of course, having a rooster is not something we had planned for…but we are actually happy!  Roosters think so highly of themselves that they are quite amusing to watch.  We look forward to hours of entertainment.  Our rooster will also keep the hens happy.

In preparation for our instant chicken family, we have been busy doing chicken-related jobs that we’d put aside after the failure of our hatching experience.

We have placed the chicken coop on an underground predator-proof ‘wall’ that unfortunately looked rather like a grave (if I go missing, you know where to look!).  The wall will prevent foxes, weasels and badgers from digging under the sides to access the coop and the ‘food’ that lives within.

We have also erected the structure for the chicken run.  We purchased several steel posts and strengthened them with diagonals of our own bamboo.  Tomorrow we will add the wire to complete the enclosure.  The run will keep them happy when we’re not here during the day to supervise their free-ranging.

On the weekend, we will place a large plastic crate in the back of the car and proceed down our driveway for the last time as ‘animal-free’ people.

We will return soon after with our instant chook family…and then panic will set in…


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