The Naming

Well, the chickens have arrived and they look happy (how does a chicken look happy?) in their new home.

The new owners are less happy, constantly worrying if the birds are OK…

One owner was heard to say this morning: “They’ve eaten all their food! What will they do all day now?”, as if he might be expected to sing and dance for them!

Their arrival (and their survival last night) mean we have another task.

Naming them!

Several family members and friends helped us with this mammoth task…but the challenge proved too much for all of them and I watched sadly as the people I trusted disintegrated into a mess of political corruption.

My sister’s family in Australia conducted their own ballot, which was held independent of all other electors, including the rest of the family.  They voted for Zinger and Omlet (spelled the Australian way).

My friends in Italy conducted another ballot, which was held after far too many bottles of red wine.  They voted for Henrietta and Omelette (spelled the French way).

With such a disappointing display of democracy, we have been forced into a dictatorship and have named our birds based on the MOST POPULAR NAMES which have a CONSISTENT ‘RING’ to them.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the names of our chickens!

The rooster is HORRIS.  When I was young, we had a very embarrassing rooster which Dad called Horace.  Our neighbours had a spectacular specimen of a rooster and Horace was always a source of humiliation for me.  He was skinny and he couldn’t crow properly but he had such (unjustified!) dignity!  We have named our rooster Horris in honour of Horace but we are spelling the name differently.  Horris means “hazelnut” and “reddish brown” which we think is rather appropriate, given our 40-tree hazelnut grove and the fact that our rooster is red/brown in colour!

The buff Orpington is DRUMSTICK, named by my father, who demanded naming rights based on the fact that he is the only person I know who has successfully hatched chickens in an electric frypan.  Who can argue with that?

The black Livorno with the red breast is YOLKO ONO.

The other black Livorno is OMLET (spelled the Australian way).

All of the submitted names were brilliant…but we are keeping the cute short names like Pecky, Flapper and Zinger for future chicks…and the traditional names like Henrietta and Wilhemina for future adult birds.

So, while the names are perfect, the concept of using a ballot process to name our chickens was rather less than perfect…



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  1. Claire says :

    Approved 👌👍


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