The Chook-Widow

It’s official.

You’ve heard about golf-widows and yacht-widows?

Well, I am a chook-widow.

Stu has been spotted several times this week in his new preferred location, the chicken run.

On one occasion, he was seen using one of his tools to retrieve a wayward piece of apple from outside the run for ‘his’ chickens.

On another, he was seen erecting a hanging contraption across the run so that ‘his’ chickens could enjoy hours of entertainment with a nut and seed encrusted pine cone.

But this morning was the last straw.

I woke at 6am, stretched and rolled over to wish my better half ‘good morning’…only to find that he was already out with ‘his’ chickens, laying a tarpaulin over the coop lest they get wet in the rain!

Yes.  It’s official.


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