Full production

Just when we thought we were in full production (2 out of 3 hens isn’t bad, after all…), we were treated to a surprise yesterday morning when Yolko Ono laid her first egg!

She has been rather unfriendly to date but in the last couple of days she has been more approachable and has even been eating apple out of my hand like Omlet does.

Well, yesterday morning she sneaked off alone to the coop, where Stu found her a while later clucking in one of the nesting boxes.

Given her lack of production so far, I was adamant that she was merely clucky and had decided to sit on the egg that Drumstick had laid earlier that morning (which we hadn’t collected).

We decided to give her until lunchtime and, if no egg was forthcoming by then, we’d force her off the nest.

Low and behold, a couple of hours later, Yolko Ono ran out of the coop, clucking and flapping, and when Stu went to inspect he found Drumstick’s egg…as well as an egg from Yolko Ono!

We are amazed at the diversity of egg colour from our 3 hens: Omlet’s eggs are always a light brown, Drumstick’s are always a cream and now Yolko Ono’s are a speckled darker brown!



2 responses to “Full production”

  1. Evelyn says :

    It’s great having chickens. We’ve had them for years. Peter has devised a feeder made out of a rubbish bin and a waterer using little water nipple drippers. It’s great because we can leave them for at least a week and not worry about them being fed and watered. Let me know if you want more info about them.


    • Catherine says :

      I already have a question: Do you get red mites in Aust? Apparently they are challenging here and you have to clean our the coops religiously to ensure that they don’t suck their blood during the night (!)


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